Isaak – Norwhitch

Seruously nervous. Timid. Can’t look up. Too intense. I sanity intense. Eyes, those eyes. Thank you spell check. Always. Interesting. Intense. Legs of jelly. Ones again, thank you spell check. Blue. No. Not blye. Melting. Damned it. Fuck. What colour is that? That calm voice. Silly little girl. Stop it. Man up. Grow a pair. Blnd hair. Smiles at me. Why? What? How? Legs melting. Nervous. Does that mean she likes me? No. Nr possible. Out if my league. Interesting. Can’t concentrate. Try to concentrate. Listen. Try to not sound like an idiot. That smile. Those eye. Legs are gone. Brain is gone. She smiles, at me. Feeling like a big brain dead melting blob. Can she read my mind and see how silly she makes me feel? How nervous she makes me? Hope not. Trying to keep it together. Feel like a goof. Why does she have to be so interesting? Easier if she was less of everything. Makes me nervous. Seriously nervous. Crazy nervous. Metling. Fuck.