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What i talk about when i talk about writing

Wrote this piece for Jason Fruys blog My Creative CoPilot, where you can find the edited and extended version


the unedited version
The thing is… well, the Truth Is, that i have no clue what i talk about when i talk ¬†about writing. I just write with the hope that osmeone finds it interesting enough to read.
If anoyone whould have aske dme to write a piece about anything only 1 year ago, i would have looked at them as if they were crazy. And to some part i still do. I’m not a writer (sounds like the begining of a really bad speach) i’m an architec, i’m a designer, i’m a muse, a’m a dancer, i’m amny things, but i have never ever in a million years seen myself as a writer, and i still don’t. i’m just somone whos stupit enough to not let that little thing stop me. i write, and i do my best to catch the readers attenchion by really cehap tricks, such as making it persona, stranslating swedish sayings into english an hope that people get them, and write something that i might find interesting to read. Normally i write 100% sober, but moslt likely high as a kite on life.
When i was asked about 1 year ago to write a list of education projects aorund the gloabe that i found interesting for core77, my list was so long that the mial i got back saomehting along the line of “Can you just write it?”, and i figured “I hate writing, but why not?” I’m always up for a challange, specially when it comes to challangeing myself.
What i didn’t count on was that by starting to write i would open up on many other levels, and things that i had been affraid of doing before, such as starting projects by myself, projects that might not end up becoming anything, projects within field of wish i knew nothing about, didn’t feel like a big deal. I got over so many personal obstacles that, looking back at it, i don’t understand why i ever saw them as obstacles. Why was i so affraid of fucking up, why was i so affraid of not being perfect, why was i so affraid of how others saw me, why did i let myself walk around with so many ideas witout doing anythingn about them??? i can name a bunch of things i was a friend of other then the ones i just mentioned, but i see no need for it.
Maybe i’ve started too many projects at the same time, maybe i’ve started to many websites wituot a true purpose, but you know what, i don’t care. The more things i start, the more things i learn, the more people i meet, the more inpsiration i get to do it better not just next time, but right now.
And it’s not other perceprion of me that i value most right now, it’s my own value of me tha ti care about, and i have never felt so confortable with myself as i do now. Sure, i’m in a sense unemployed, but i bring so much to the table by the things i’ve started that i no longer feel worthless. And it’s that feeling of a lack of worth, a lack of a value to bring to the table (my own and others) that holds us back from reaching even close to the potential that we all have within us.