You are not allowed to Drink and Drive for a very good reason:

It’s stupidity on a higher level…!

But you are allowed to Drink and Write, which in itself is stupid, seeing that you often end up writing a lot of nonsensical yadayada, you don’t risk killing yourself or anyone else, AND it can be a lot of fun (specially reading it the day after…).

This page is urging you to get behind the keyboard instead of behind the wheel when you are under the influence, and then send us what you write…

Why? you might ask. It’s for purely egotistical reasons. We want to your text to be yet another reson to procrastinate. And then we hope that this page in some way can help you to unleash your inner Hemingway. After all, he was the one who ones said:

Write when you’re drunk, edit when you’re sober

And with that we leave you to your writing

May the force (whiskey, wine or whatever happens to be your substance of choice) be with you

The WRUIN crew (of one)


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